Premium vaping redesigned

The SvoëMesto Kayfun V4

In 2012 we introduced the automated pressure feeding system to the public with the Kayfun V3. In 2014, we reinvented it.

Everything stays different

This sentence perfectly describes what the goal was with this project. After the success of the Kayfun 3 series (V3, 3.1, Lite, Lite [plus]), the time has come for something entirely new.

The Kayfun V4 is not an update based on existing Kayfuns, but made entirely new from the scratch. Our focus was to maintain everything you like about a Kayfun, especially the flavor profile, while improving its design and functionality.

If you ever owned a Kayfun, you will recognize the Kayfun V4 as such and you will instantly know, how to rebuild it, while at the same time have a completely new experience. Better performance, more flavor, more flexibility, convenience and comfort as well as the highest quality materials. These are the ingredients that make the Kayfun V4 a true premium experience.

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The Kayfun V4 is designed to be an all and everyday vape, that attends you everywhere you go, without ever ever failing on you. Its new features will make it blend in with your lifestyle and adapt to your habits.

Liquid Control and easy fill

The liquid control gives you full control on whether liquid should flow to the evaporation chamber or not! At the same time the redesigned automatic pressure feeding system will always saturate your wick with the right amount of e-liquid.

The ability to switch the juice flow completely off enables a variety of possibilities and makes filling the tank as easy as it gets.


As the market continues to develop, the range of desired performance levels has widened. The Kayfun V4 therefore is engineered, to suit even more of preferred vaping styles.


Airflow is an important subject, when it comes to performance. As widely requested, the Kayfun V4 now offers an increased airflow of

  • +50% (stock), continuously adjustable
  • +225% (4s Kit, optionally available)

compared to the Kayfun V3.

Normally, increased airflow changes the flavor profile of an atomizer, especially on a constant power input level. Therefore the inside of the evaporation chamber was completely redesigned, to maintain and improve the typical Kayfun flavor profile users have grown to love.

The new chamber design not only provides excellent flavor, but makes the Kayfun V4 also work very efficiently. That means even at lower wattage the Kayfun V4 is a great performer in terms of vapor production, throat hit and flavor – obviously depending on your build.


In vaping you often have to adapt to what you use. Not so with the Kayfun 4. Its flexible design adapts to you!


Out of the box, the Kayfun V4 comes with 3 different tanks:

  • stainless steel
  • glass
  • Polycarbonate

Each one gives the atomizer a different look and feel.


By standard the Kayfun V4 comes with a 22mm 510 connector. However, this connector can be removed completely and replaced with a hybrid connector of your choice.

At the release we will be offering:

  • P3 connector: Connects directly to the new P3 threading of your ProVari P3. The Kayfun V4 therefore is the first commercially available atomizer that provides a P3 threading.
  • SM Connector: Connects to the SM Nivel V3 – Sëmovar as well as the Stingray by JD Tech.

as optional accessory.

Further, we will provide following options shortly after the release:

  • 23mm 510 connector: for a clean and smooth transition between your Kayfun 4 and your 23mm device 
  • Nemesis Hybrid Connector: threads directly into the tube of the Nemesis by Atmomixani